Double Cancer Survivor (Eddie Rodriguez)

I would like to dedicate this month to people who have had cancer or are battling cancer as we speak. I have a personal friend who has had cancer twice and by the grace of God has survived both battles. I have a lot in common with this gentleman from running the streets and life experiences, we were both complete knuckle heads when the LORD decided to pull us out of this world and bring us both into the Kingdom of God. I personally witnessed this man’s battle with cancer both times and how the LORD totally used both battles for this man’s good. I have known Eddie and his wife Angelica for a long time and I know about so many battles that they have had throughout the years and how the LORD has totally blessed their lives, by them continuing to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. They are two of the most awesome people you will ever meet and they are totally on fire for the LORD.

When Eddie was diagnosed with the cancer he had purchased his 62 impala and it was a running rolling car, but in very rough condition. It needed to be totally restored and Eddie and Angelica decided that an off the frame full restoration was the way to do it. So they dedicated themselves to the end of this project and as you can see from the link that is at the end of this post, it was a total success.

Just as Eddie and Angelica decided to do a full off the frame restoration on this beautiful 1962 impala, to invest their time and money, to use it as a ministry to reach out to a demographic that most do not, God has blessed them for it. Eddie has read Lowrider magazine since his childhood and God has made one of Eddie’s dreams come true, by giving him a spot in the magazine with his car. But that was not all that the LORD was doing, for during the time that Eddie was dealing with his chemotherapy for his cancer diagnosis, he was reading his Bible daily and meditating on Psalm 62, and since his Impala is a 1962, he decided to glorify the LORD by dedicating his car by naming it, “62 PSLMS”. For Eddie understood as God was restoring him to better health, Eddie was doing the same to this 1962 Impala. Not only was God restoring Eddie’s health, but also his soul. And as you will see, Eddie did the same to this 1962 Impala, better than new!

To see this beautiful 1962 Impala, click on the link “62 PSLMS”

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