Robert Leighton (Blessed Man)

It is the character of the blessed man, and the way of blessedness, to delight in the law of God. Psalm 1:2 And because the eye is often upon that whereon the affection and delight of the heart is set, the sign of that delight in the Law, is to have the eye of the mind much upon it, to meditate on it day and night. And that we may know this is not, as the study of many things are, empty speculation and fruitless, barren delight, we are further taught, that the soul that is fixed in this delight and meditation, is a tree well planted, an answerably fruitful. The mind that is set upon this Law, is fitly set for bearing fruit. Planted by the rivers of water; and is really fruitful, Bringing forth its fruit in its season.

Robert Leighton (Archbishop of Glasgow, 1611 – 1684)

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