Robert Leighton (Believe)

Men will not believe how hard a matter it is, to believe the fullness and sufficiency of Jesus Christ, till they be put to it in earnest to make use of him, and then they find it: when sin and death are set before their view, and discovered in their native colours unto the soul, when a man is driven to that, What shall I do to be saved? then, then is the time to know what notion he hath of Christ. And as the difficulty lies in this, in the first awakening of the conscience from sin, so, in after-times of temptation and apprehension of wrath, when, upon some new-added guiltiness, or a new sight of the old, in a frightful manner, sin revives and the soul dies, it is struck dead with the terrors of the law, –then to keep thy hold, and find another life in Christ, the law and justice satisfied, and so the conscience quieted in him; this is indeed to believe.

Robert Leighton (Archbishop of Glasgow, 1611 – 1684)

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