Robert Leighton (Belong)

It is a thing of huge difficulty, to bring men to a sense of their natural misery, to see that they have need of a savior, and to look out for one: but then, being brought to that, it is not less, if not more difficult, to persuade them that Christ is he; that, as they have need of him, so they need no more, he being able and sufficient for them. All the waverings and fears of misbelieving minds, do spring from dark and narrow apprehensions of Jesus Christ. All the doubt is, not of their interest, as they imagine: they who say so, and think it so, do not perceive the bottom and root of their own malady. They say, they do no whit doubt but that he is able enough, and his righteousness large enough, but all the doubt is, if he belongs to me. Now, I say, this doubt arises from a defect and doubt of the former, wherein you suspect it not. Why doubtest thou that he belongs to thee? Dost thou flee to him, as lost and undone in thyself? Dost thou renounce all that can be called thine, and seek thy life in him? Then he is thine. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. Oh, but I find so much, not only former, but still daily renewed and increasing guiltiness. Why, is he a sufficient Saviour, or is he not? If thou dost say, he is not, then it is manifest that here lies the defect and mistake. If thou sayest, he is, then hast thou answered all thy objections of that kind: much guiltiness, much or little, old or new, neither helps nor hinders, as to thy interest in him and salvation by him. And for dispelling of these mists, nothing can be more effectual than the letting in of those Gospel beams, the clear expressions of his riches and fullness in the Scriptures, and eminently this, Made of God wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

Robert Leighton (Archbishop of Glasgow, 1611 – 1684)

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