I am currently writing this article in the hope that it will help anyone out there that is struggling at the moment. I have been a Christian for about 18 years now and I have had a whole lot of different diversity to deal with throughout my lifetime. I can honestly say that it was different before I believed in Christ. I was definitely living under the curses and not the blessings, but in saying that, I have to say that I do still struggle even under the blessings. For I am still human and I have emotions and the enemy of our soul uses these against me.

For the last couple of years I have been struggling in my walk with the LORD and all I keep hearing Him say to my soul, is “DO YOU TRUST ME?” and I keep telling myself that I do, but I have still been struggling. I am typically a very private person and I do not usually share my difficulties with everyone, for I have a lot of different responsibilities and most of the time people come to me with their problems, not vice a versa. But one of the things that I have really noticed in the last couple of years, is that everyone that I know is really struggling with all sorts of different issues. I assure you that we all struggle in life from time to time and that is why I wanted to post this article this month.

The word for “compassion” in Latin means to “suffer with”. And I do believe that we as a nation need to learn to have more compassion with each other. Our media is full of hatred and disturbing news. Natural disasters are so common place that we are becoming de-sensitized as a nation. We have become more inter connected through social media, yet we are more disconnected from each other than ever. We seem to have all sorts of knowledge, distractions, things to do, yet we do not have any compassion for our fellow man. Our children are completely disconnected from reality and are spending all of their time in fantasy worlds that are created on the internet. We have lost touch with reality and it shows in our society.

Recently the LORD showed me that His hand was still upon my life by bringing a new friend into my life that we had a short time to share part of our stories with each other ¬†and I believe that it was ordained of God. We did not get to spend a whole lot of time together, but we got to help each other out in order to get back to what we both enjoy, and that is our families. God was showing both of us that we need to get back to basics and to keep a balance in our lives in order to be doing His will and to make sure that we are being right with other people and ourselves. I believe God brings people into our lives at just the right time and for purposes that we do not even understand sometimes at the moment, but we can look back and realize that these people were really a God send. I hope that if you are struggling today that you reach out to someone for help and that the LORD brings those people into your lives that will help you out. And most of all that you be that person who is reaching out to people and doing what our Lord and Savior has told us to do, and that is to “esteem others better than ourselves”. With that attitude in life, you cannot do wrong. For as we give, we do receive, this week has proved it to me again, that God is faithful and that His Word is true. God Bless!!!!

Founder: Chuck Mooneyham