According to the Bible there are only two kinds of women in this world. The immoral and the virtuous. Now I have known immoral women that have a lot of the attributes of the virtuous woman yet when it comes to their morals, that is where the waters get muddy. The reason that I have put this article together is because of the lack of morals that I see in our society today and the fact that I see so many women throwing away their lives to satisfy the desires of their flesh. Later to find out that they have brought shame and regret into their lives and now they have to reap what they have sown.

In this article I am going to focus on the attributes of the virtuous woman, what the Word of God (The Holy Bible) says about her. God shows us how the virtuous woman conducts herself in Proverbs 31:10 – 31. On the Subjects page of this website there are two different studies one on the immoral woman and one on the virtuous woman if you want more information about the two different women. I hope you enjoy this article and benefit from it in one way or another. Please let me know in the comments section if it has benefitted you, thank you!!!!

The first thing that it says, is that  a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies and some versions say she is more valuable than rubies. Basically it is saying that she is hard to find and when you do find her that she is very valuable and rare. This is the kind of woman that men really want. The next thing that it says is that her husband can trust her. And since I am a man I will tell you that this is important. Because when a man gives you his heart, he really gives it to you. He would die for you. He will protect you and you will feel secure in your relationship with him. She enriches her husbands life. And any man that is worth being with will recognize this. The next thing that it says is that she brings her husband good, not harm all the days of her life. If you are bringing your man harm then you are not doing what you are supposed to as a woman. She is productive with her time (Taking care of business). She goes out and brings good things into her house. She takes care of her family, she gets up early and plans out her day. She uses her money wisely (Investing for the future). She puts her heart into her work. She is wise in her dealings (Making profits/ Long hours). She isn’t afraid to use her hands to work (Getting in and getting dirty). She is kind to the poor and she helps the needy. She is prepared for the winter and makes sure that her household is also. She takes care of her house and dresses well (Appropriate). She picks a man who takes care of his business (She doesn’t just give herself to anyone). She is always thinking of new ways to benefit the family. She is strong in spirit and has dignity (She respects herself). She is confident, especially about the future, because she does good planning. She chooses her words wisely (No foul language/ Controls her tongue). She gives instruction with kindness (She isn’t harsh). She pays attention to what is going on in her house. She is not lazy. Her children show her respect. They have nothing bad to say about her, because she conducts herself properly.

Now if you do not line up with all of these qualities or are good at doing some of the things that are described in Proverbs 31. It does not mean that you are immoral. What it means is that you need to cry out to God to help you where you are lacking. We all fall short in one way or another and we all need to cry out to God from time to time. He is always available and He is your heavenly Father who loves you for who you are and he knows all that you have been through in your life. He desires to have a close relationship with you and bless your life. No matter what has happened in your past, God can change your future and make you into the woman that you desire to be. He wants the best for your life and He has plans for you.

If you really want to see what a real man is, open your Bible and read about Jesus. He is the perfect example of what a man should be, but do not expect any man on this earth to be able to be as good as Jesus. A godly man who takes care of his business and treats you like a lady is almost as hard to find as a virtuous woman. But they are out there. Do not settle for a man who does not treat you the way that you should be treated. For a man will respect you, if you respect yourself. But boys will use a girl who does not respect herself. There is a big difference between girls and women and boys and men. Maturity has a lot to do with these differences and throughout life there are things that are designed to help us mature, but some people get the lessons and some people do not. I can tell you as a husband and a dad that it is very important to show the women in your life their value, for this world is always lying to the women about who they are, they spend so much time focusing on the outside appearance. The Word of God teaches women who they really are and how to focus on what matters, the woman on the inside. As you have seen through this article, that there wasn’t hardly anything said about the outside appearance other than she dressed nice and conducted herself properly. In our society today, we have lost a lot of what really makes a woman attractive. I hope that you have gotten something out of this article and that it gives you some things to think about. We need more godly women doing the right thing and building up godly children for the next generation. We as a society have really gotten off track and it is time to get back on the right track, so May God Bless You and Keep You and Mold you into a Virtuous Woman that people will praise!!!

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