Kingdom Studios

This is a new entertainment studio focused on faith based family values and biblical content. I was introduced to this new studio recently by one of the Directors that works for Kingdom Studios. His name is Ben Smallbone and he is of an outstanding character. This studio is a collaboration of a whole lot of people who are interested in bringing in the Kingdom of God. Here at J3sus4me we are part of those who want to bring the Kingdom of God down to this earth and we continue to do this by supporting all of those who continue to work for the Kingdom. On this page you will see links that are connected to up and coming movies and those that are already available on DVD. I hope that you enjoy this page and continue to view it frequently for future movies that are coming out. May God Bless this Studio and those who put their efforts forward towards the Kingdom!!!!

Priceless (Human Trafficking Movie)

I Still Believe (Jeremy Camp Movie)

The Life of Jesus (Full Movie)

The Jesus Film (Full Movie)

American Underdog (Movie Trailer)

Jesus Revolution Movie (Coming February 2023)


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