This section was created for the child of God who really wants to get to know what the Word of God (The Bible) really has to say about Jesus their LORD, Satan their Enemy, the Spiritual battle that they have now entered into as a child of God. For when you were a child of the Devil, he did not really bother you, he just kept you in bondage with all sorts of different temptations, but now the LORD has delivered you from these sins, so the Evil One is going to try and put his heavy yoke back onto you, through temptation, lust, your own sinful nature, he has many tactics, but as you will see through these studies, he always uses the same tactics over and over and you can have victory over him, through Christ and calling out to Him for victory in the spiritual battle that we face on a daily basis. Before you begin your study, pray in Jesus’ name that the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and understanding, that the LORD will bind the enemy that is going to do anything in his power to distract you, interrupt you, he will use many tactics such as with your phone, something that you just have to do immediately, he will use people to distract you, believe me they do not know that they are working for the enemy while they are doing it, he (the Devil) just happens to inspire them to interrupt you, so if someone interrupts you, ask them if they would like to join you in your study. Do not get discouraged this is normal, especially at first, once you recognize it, you will get better at dealing with it. Please do not take out your frustrations on the people around you, show them the same love that Jesus showed you. May God Bless You through these studies!!! Sorry for the inconvenience for the studies are being put together at the moment, this may take some time before this page is fully developed, please continue to check back for materials in the future, Thank You!!!


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