This page was created to inspire our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord with some very good preaching and teaching on a variety of subjects from well established Godly ministries. May God bless your time and the preachers and teachers on this website!!!

Why I hate Religion (Jefferson Bethke)

His Channel (Christian Videos)

James MacDonald (Forgiveness Part #1)

James MacDonald (Forgiveness Part #2)

Louie Giglio (How Great is Our God)

David Jeremiah (The Priority of a Disciplined Mind)

David Jeremiah (The Life God Blesses)

Brigitte Gabriel video (Radical Muslims)

David Barton video (American Christian Heritage)

David Barton video (Is America a Christian Nation?)

David Barton video (America’s Godly Heritage)

Pastor Jack and David Barton (Part #1)

Pastor Jack and David Barton (Part #2)

Pastor Jack and David Barton (Part #3)

Nick Vujicic (Life changing video)

Francis Chan (Eternity)

Louie Giglio (Fruit cake and Ice Cream/College students)

Pam Stenzel (Sex education) (Not a Christian video or ministry)

The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon

Charles Swindoll (Loosening the Grip of Discouragement)

Charles Swindoll (How to stand strong in stressful times)

Charles Swindoll (Integrity/Humility)

Charles Swindoll (God’s School of Brokenness)

Francis Chan (Two scariest lies in the World)

Francis Chan (Homosexuality)

Dr. Gary Chapman (The Four Seasons of Marriage)

Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages of Children)

Dr. Gary Chapman (The Essentials for a Healthy Marriage)

Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Languages of Apology)

Levi Lusko (Special message about daughter going to heaven)

Greg Laurie/Don Stewart/Chad Williams (Message about ISIS)

Voddie Baucham (Brokenness)

Monty Williams Wife’s Eulogy (Touching Eulogy)

Alistair Begg (No Place for Truth)

Alistair Begg (Inadequacy: The Suprising Secret to Being Useful to God)

Alistair Begg (Bad Men, Weak Women)

Charles Stanley (Taking Control of Our Thoughts)

Charles Stanley (God Will Show You His Will)

Charles Stanley (Solving Problems Through Prayer)

Charles Stanley (God’s Answer for the Empty Life)

Charles Stanley (The Courage to Keep Going)

Charles Stanley (Our Hearts Desires)

Charles Stanley (Starved for Love)

Charles Stanley (Overcoming Discouragement)

Victor Marx Story (Victor Marx/Martial Artist)

Brigette Gabriel (Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America)

Christian Videos (Christianity.Com)

Christian Videos (Godvine.Com)

Christian Comedy Videos

Video on Prayer (Lion of Judah)

God Hates a Coward (Lion of Judah)

God Loves the Underdog (Lion of Judah)

Nothing Can Stop You Child of God (Lion of Judah)

Attack with Prayer (Lion of Judah)

Six Words (Lion of Judah)

Bethlehemian Rhapsody (Funny Video/Christmas)

The Warrior Level (Gangster turned Christian)

John Harper (Pastor on the Titanic)

Lee Strobel (Case for Miracles)

Michelle Franzese (Fathers Day Message/Former Mobster)

Retrain Your Mind (Lion of Judah)

Three Testimonies that Jesus is Real

Priceless (Human Trafficking Movie)

I Still Believe Movie (Jeremy Camp Story)

Triggered (PTSD Movie by Victor Marx)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (John Randall)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Jason Duff)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Jeff Johnson)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Franklin Graham)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Chad Williams)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Jack Hibbs)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Ben Courson)

2019 SoCal Men’s Conference (Garid Beeler)

“The Chosen” Episode 1 (TV Series)


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