Election Process (2016)

We as Americans have a right to vote through a democratic process in which the people have used for a long time. We all know that our political system is broken and is in desperate need of a major overhaul. Whether you agree with the outcome of the system or not, we need to all pray that God intervenes and gives wisdom to our new President. That God will continue to sway his thought processes to get in line with God, not man. We see throughout Scripture that the LORD used pagan rulers to do His will. An example of that is Pharaoh, who put Joseph over all of Egypt at that time. Another pagan King that God used was Nebuchadnezzar, who took cancel from Daniel the prophet.

Now in one of these instances, we see Pharaoh and his people benefit from listening to God, and in the other case, we see that the King got humbled. Because Pharaoh understood who God was and that He (God) was with Joseph, for Joseph interpreted his dream for him, when Pharaoh did not even tell him what the dream was about. His people benefitted from Pharaoh’s recognition of who God was.

Now on the other hand, Nebuchadnezzar recognized who God was, but did not humble himself, but became proud and arrogant, God humbled the King. He actually made the King go insane and had him live as an animal for seven years in the court, eating grass as his diet.

So we need to keep our government in prayer that the LORD guides them and protects them in this turbulent society that we live in today. We are a Republic, which means that we live under a system of laws, called the Constitution of the United States. In the Constitution there are over 90 direct quotes out of the Word of God (The Holy Bible). Our entire governmental system was taken right out of the Book of Leviticus. With the three different branches of government, that are suppose to have a system of checks and balances that are suppose to protect the people, when one branch decides to try and over rule in an area that they are not suppose too.

We have been given another chance to see if the politicians can repair our broken system and get it back in order. But it only works if the people of the system will obey the guidelines of our Constitution and adhere to the authorities that the LORD Himself has established. Remember fighting against God is the dumbest thing we could ever do, for it is pointless!!!!

I hope that wherever you stand on the political issues that you realize that there is always going to be a higher power than you and that God has ordained it that way, even King Nebuchadnezzar had to learn that lesson the hard way and my prayer for you is that you do not take that same path. For God is a loving God, but He is also a “Just” God, which means people will reap what they sow, or as the world puts it “What goes around, comes around”. Have a blessed day, and enjoy the rest of the website and you are in our prayers, God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!