Martin Luther (Holy Scriptures)

In a word, the Holy Scripture is the highest and best of books, abounding in comfort under all afflictions and trials. It teaches us to see, to feel, to grasp, and to comprehend faith, hope, and charity, far otherwise than mere human reason can; and while evil oppresses us, it teaches how these virtues throw light upon the darkness, and how, after this poor, miserable existence of ours on earth, there is another and an eternal life.

Martin Luther (Priest, 1483 – 1546)

Martin Luther (Correction)

The world doesn’t want to be punished. It wants to remain in darkness. It doesn’t want to be told that what it believes is false. If you also don’t want to be corrected, then you might as well leave the church and spend your time at the bar and brothel. But if you want to be saved-and remember that there’s another life after this one-you must accept correction.

Martin Luther (Priest, 1483 – 1546)

Martin Luther (Feelings)

Feelings come and feelings go, And feelings are deceiving; My warrant is the Word of God– Naught else is worth believing. Though all my heart should feel condemned For want of some sweet token, There is One greater than my heart Whose Word cannot be broken. I’ll trust in God’s unchanging Word Till soul and body sever, For, though all things shall pass away, HIS WORD SHALL STAND FOREVER!

Martin Luther (Priest, 1483 – 1546)

“The Soul”

Our soul is what makes us who we are as an individual. As Scripture says, Jesus died to save our souls. Why did our soul need to be saved, because Adam gave dominion to Satan back in the garden and ever since then, our souls have been condemned to go to hell. God sent His son to die on a cross to pay the price for our sins in order to redeem our souls back into right standing with Himself. For in (Genesis 9:6) “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man. (NKJV). So when this happened at the crucifixion, the one who shed his blood, was Satan, so at that very time in history, Satan lost his dominion. For Satan had crucified an innocent man “Jesus”, so now Satan’s blood was required of him. His judgment was sealed at that moment and his dominion was also lost. Now we are made in the image of God and God has revealed some attributes about Himself throughout Scripture, such as, He told King David that “He was a man after God’s own heart”. He has revealed that He is the same “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, that he never changes”. He told us that Abraham was a friend of God. Jesus said that “I and the Father are one”. That nothing is impossible for God. Now we see that there are attributes of God that we absolutely do not have and that we will never have, but we also see that there are things about God that we also have. We have a heart, we have friends. We can be very close to people, to the point that we feel like we are one with them. Even in this study it says that “Jonathan’s soul was knitted to David’s soul”. Our soul is who we are and it is a little bit different than our heart for example. Our heart seems to be where our emotions are stored in general, and it has a great influence over our soul, but it is our soul, that has the ultimate say. God has told us that our heart is “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?” We are basically told not to trust our own heart, what does that tell you, that we can be deceived by our own hearts. But if this happens, it is our soul that it affects. In (Hebrews 4:12) For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (NKJV), we see that there can even be a division between our soul and our spirit, but only God can truly explain these things to us. We can search His Scriptures and try to figure out what it means, but the secret things belong to God. I hope that you get something out of what this study has to offer and that the LORD reveals more about your soul to you through it. I suggest that you read the study on the heart and the mind also, for the whole reason that these studies were put together was because Scripture tells us to “Love the LORD our God with all our heart, our soul, and our mind”. So I hope that you get blessed and that God reveals more about yourself to you and more of who He is throughout these studies, God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. vpn nephesh, neh’-fesh      (Hebrew)

Search for 05315 in KJV from 5314; properly, a breathing creature, i.e. animal of (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental):–any, appetite, beast, body, breath, creature, X dead(-ly), desire, X (dis-)contented, X fish, ghost, + greedy, he, heart(-y), (hath, X jeopardy of) life (X in jeopardy), lust, man, me, mind, mortally, one, own, person, pleasure, (her-, him-, my-, thy-)self, them (your)-selves, + slay, soul, + tablet, they, thing, (X she) will, X would have it. Sometimes this word is translated as heart or life, depending upon which translation.

  1. quch psuche, psoo-khay’       (Greek)

Search for 5590 in KJV from 5594; breath, i.e. (by implication) spirit, abstractly or concretely (the animal sentient principle only; thus distinguished on the one hand from 4151, which is the rational and immortal soul; and on the other from 2222, which is mere vitality, even of plants: these terms thus exactly correspond respectively to the Hebrew 5315, 7307 and 2416):–heart (+ -ily), life, mind, soul, + us, + you.

Attributes of the Soul

  1. It lives (Genesis 2:7)
  2. It blesses (Genesis 27:4)
  3. It cleaves (Genesis 34:3)
  4. It longs (Genesis 34:8)
  5. It departs (Genesis 35:18)
  6. It anguishes (Genesis 42:21)
  7. It sins (Leviticus 4:2)
  8. It abhors (Leviticus 26:15)
  9. It can be bound by a bond (Numbers 30:2)
  10. It lusts (Deuteronomy 12:15)
  11. It desires (Deuteronomy 14:26)
  12. It can be vexed to death (Judges 16:16)
  13. It can be bitter (1 Samuel 1:10)
  14. It can be poured out (1 Samuel 1:15)
  15. It can be knitted to another soul (1 Samuel 18:1)
  16. It can be taken (1 Samuel 24:11)
  17. It can be precious (1 Samuel 26:21)
  18. It can be redeemed (1 Kings 1:29)
  19. It gets weary (Job 10:1)
  20. It mourns (Job 14:22)
  21. It grieves (Job 30:25)
  22. It can be torn (Psalms 7:2)
  23. It can be persecuted (Psalms 7:5)
  24. It hates (Psalms 11:5)
  25. It takes counsel (Psalms 13:2)
  26. It can be converted (Psalms 19:7)
  27. It can be restored (Psalms 23:3)
  28. It can be lifted up (Psalms 24:4) (Psalms 25:1)
  29. It can dwell at ease (Psalms 25:13)
  30. It can wait for the LORD (Psalms 33:20)
  31. It can be joyful in the LORD (Psalms 35:9)
  32. It can sorrow (Psalms 35:12)
  33. It can be humbled (Psalms 35:13)
  34. It can be healed (Psalms 41:4)
  35. It can pant (Psalms 42:1)
  36. It can be cast down (Psalms 42:6)
  37. It can bow down (Psalms 44:25)
  38. It can trust (Psalms 57:1)
  39. It can follow (Psalms 63:8)
  40. It can drown (Psalms 69:1)
  41. It can be chastened (Psalms 69:10)
  42. It can refuse to be comforted (Psalms 77:2)
  43. It can be full of troubles (Psalms 88:3)
  44. It can be delighted (Psalms 94:19)
  45. It can have leanness sent into it (Psalms 106:15)
  46. It can faint (Psalms 107:5)
  47. It can be longing (Psalms 107:9)
  48. It can be hungry (Psalms 107:9)
  49. It melts because of troubles (Psalms 107:26)
  50. It breaks (Psalms 119:20)
  51. It clings (Psalms 119:25)
  52. It can be destitute (Psalms 141:8)
  53. It can be afflicted (Psalms 143:12)
  54. It can be generous (Proverbs 11:25)
  55. It can be preserved (Proverbs 16:17)
  56. It can be idle (Proverbs 19:15)
  57. It can be satisfied (Proverbs 27:7)
  58. It can bereave (Ecclesiastes 4:8)
  59. It can love (Song of Solomon 1:7)
  60. It can fail (Song of Solomon 5:6)
  61. It can be empty (Isaiah 29:8)
  62. It craves (Isaiah 29:8)
  63. It can weep (Jeremiah 13:17)
  64. It can be polluted (Ezekiel 4:14)
  65. It can be lost (Mark 8:36)
  66. It can fear (Acts 2:43)
  67. It can prosper (3 John 1:2)

Our Part with our Soul

  1. Keep our soul diligently (Deuteronomy 4:9)
  2. Our soul can refuse to touch something (Job 6:7)
  3. Our soul makes choices (Job 7:14-16)
  4. We can lift up our soul to an idol (Psalms 24:4)
  5. We can lift up our soul to God (Psalms 25:1)
  6. We can humble our soul with fasting (Psalms 35:13)
  7. Our soul can trust in God (Psalms 57:1)
  8. Our soul can follow God (Psalms 63:8)
  9. We can chasten our soul with fasting (Psalms 69:10)
  10. Our soul can keep God’s testimonies (Psalms 119:129)
  11. We can wrong our own soul (Proverbs 8:36)
  12. Our soul should enjoy the good of its labor (Ecclesiastes 2:24)

God’s part with our Soul

  1. He redeems us out of all adversity (2 Samuel 4:9)
  2. He redeems us out of all distress (1 Kings 1:29)
  3. He converts the soul (Psalms 19:7)
  4. He restores souls (Psalms 23:3)
  5. He sends leanness into souls (Psalms 106:15)
  6. He satisfies the longing soul (Psalms 107:9)
  7. He fills the hungry soul with goodness (Psalms 107:9)
  8. He saves from those who condemn their souls (Psalms 109:31)
  9. He can make knowledge pleasant to our soul (Proverbs 2:10)
  10. He satiates the weary soul (Jeremiah 31:25)
  11. He replenishes every sorrowful soul (Jeremiah 31:25)
  12. He is an anchor for our soul (Hebrews 6:19)

Promises about our Soul

  1. The generous soul will be made rich (Proverbs 11:25)
  2. The righteous eats to the satisfying of his soul (Proverbs 13:25)
  3. He who disdains instruction despises his own soul (Proverbs 15:32)
  4. He who keeps his way preserves his soul. (Proverbs 16:17)
  5. An idle soul shall suffer hunger (Proverbs 19:15)

(Genesis 2:7)

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. {of the dust…: Heb. dust of the ground} (KJV)

(Genesis 27:4)

“And make me savory food, such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, that my soul may bless you before I die.” (NKJV)

(Genesis 34:3)

And his soul clave unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel. {kindly…: Heb. to the heart of the damsel} (KJV)

(Genesis 34:8)

But Hamor spoke with them, saying, “The soul of my son Shechem longs for your daughter. Please give her to him as a wife. (NKJV)

(Genesis 35:18)

And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin. {Benoni: that is, The son of my sorrow} {Benjamin: that is, The son of the right hand} (KJV)

(Genesis 42:21)

Then they said to one another, “We are truly guilty concerning our brother, for we saw the anguish of his soul when he pleaded with us, and we would not hear; therefore this distress has come upon us.” (NKJV)

(Exodus 30:12)

When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto the LORD, when thou numberest them; that there be no plague among them, when thou numberest them. {their number: Heb. them that are to be numbered} (KJV)

(Leviticus 4:2)

Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a soul shall sin through ignorance against any of the commandments of the LORD concerning things which ought not to be done, and shall do against any of them: (KJV)

(Leviticus 26:15)

and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, (NKJV)

(Numbers 11:6)

But now our soul is dried away: there is nothing at all, beside this manna, before our eyes. (KJV)

(Numbers 30:2)

If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. {break: Heb. profane} (KJV)

(Deuteronomy 4:9)

Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons’ sons; (KJV)

(Deuteronomy 12:15)

Notwithstanding thou mayest kill and eat flesh in all thy gates, whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee: the unclean and the clean may eat thereof, as of the roebuck, and as of the hart. (KJV)

(Deuteronomy 14:26)

And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household, {desireth: Heb. asketh of thee} (KJV)

(Judges 10:16)

So they put away the foreign gods from among them and served the LORD. And His soul could no longer endure the misery of Israel. (NKJV)

(Judges 16:16)

And it came to pass, when she pestered him daily with her words and pressed him, so that his soul was vexed to death, (NKJV)

(1 Samuel 1:10)

And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the LORD and wept in anguish. (NKJV)

(1 Samuel 1:15)

And Hannah answered and said, “No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD. (NKJV)

(1 Samuel 18:1)

Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. (NKJV)

(1 Samuel 24:11)

Moreover, my father, see, yea, see the skirt of thy robe in my hand: for in that I cut off the skirt of thy robe, and killed thee not, know thou and see that there is neither evil nor transgression in mine hand, and I have not sinned against thee; yet thou huntest my soul to take it. (KJV)

(1 Samuel 25:29)

Yet a man is risen to pursue thee, and to seek thy soul: but the soul of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with the LORD thy God; and the souls of thine enemies, them shall he sling out, as out of the middle of a sling. {as out…: Heb. in the midst of the bought of a sling} (KJV)

(1 Samuel 26:21)

Then said Saul, I have sinned: return, my son David: for I will no more do thee harm, because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day: behold, I have played the fool, and have erred exceedingly. (KJV)

(2 Samuel 4:9)

And David answered Rechab and Baanah his brother, the sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, and said unto them, As the LORD liveth, who hath redeemed my soul out of all adversity, (KJV)

(1 Kings 1:29)

And the king sware, and said, As the LORD liveth, that hath redeemed my soul out of all distress, (KJV)

(Job 6:7)

My soul refuses to touch them; They are as loathsome food to me. (NKJV)

(Job 7:14-16)

Then You scare me with dreams And terrify me with visions, So that my soul chooses strangling And death rather than my body. I loathe my life; I would not live forever. Let me alone, For my days are but a breath. (NKJV)

(Job 10:1)

My soul is weary of my life; I will leave my complaint upon myself; I will speak in the bitterness of my soul. {weary…: or, cut off while I live} (KJV)

(Job 14:22)

But his flesh upon him shall have pain, and his soul within him shall mourn. (KJV)

(Job 30:25)

Did not I weep for him that was in trouble? was not my soul grieved for the poor? {in trouble: Heb. hard of day?} (KJV)

(Psalms 7:2)

Lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending it in pieces, while there is none to deliver. {none…: Heb. not a deliverer} (KJV)

(Psalms 7:5)

Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay mine honour in the dust. Selah. (KJV)

(Psalms 11:5)

The LORD tests the righteous, But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. (NKJV)

(Psalms 13:2)

How long shall I take counsel in my soul, Having sorrow in my heart daily? How long will my enemy be exalted over me? (NKJV)

(Psalms 19:7)

The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; (NKJV)

(Psalms 23:3)

He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. (NKJV)

(Psalms 24:4)

He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, Nor sworn deceitfully. (NKJV)

(Psalms 25:1)

<<A Psalm of David.>> To You, O LORD, I lift up my soul. (NKJV)

(Psalms 25:13)

His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth. {dwell…: Heb. lodge in goodness} (KJV)

(Psalms 33:20)

Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. (NKJV)

(Psalms 35:9)

And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD; It shall rejoice in His salvation. (NKJV)

(Psalms 35:12)

They reward me evil for good, To the sorrow of my soul. (NKJV)

(Psalms 35:13)

But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom. {humbled: or, afflicted} (KJV)

(Psalms 41:4)

I said, “LORD, be merciful to me; Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.” (NKJV)

(Psalms 42:1)

<<To the Chief Musician. A Contemplation of the sons of Korah.>> As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. (NKJV)

(Psalms 42:6)

O my God, my soul is cast down within me; Therefore I will remember You from the land of the Jordan, And from the heights of Hermon, From the Hill Mizar. (NKJV)

(Psalms 44:25)

For our soul is bowed down to the dust; Our body clings to the ground. (NKJV)

(Psalms 57:1)

<<To the Chief Musician. Set to “Do Not Destroy.” A Michtam of David when he fled from Saul into the cave.>> Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, Until these calamities have passed by. (NKJV)

(Psalms 63:8)

My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me. (NKJV)

(Psalms 69:1)

<<To the chief Musician upon Shoshannim, A Psalm of David.>> Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul. (KJV) (Psalms 69:10) When I wept and chastened my soul with fasting, That became my reproach. (NKJV)

(Psalms 77:2)

In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord; My hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing; My soul refused to be comforted. (NKJV)

(Psalms 88:3)

For my soul is full of troubles, And my life draws near to the grave. (NKJV)

(Psalms 94:19)

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul. (NKJV)

(Psalms 106:15)

And He gave them their request, But sent leanness into their soul. (NKJV)

(Psalms 107:5)

Hungry and thirsty, Their soul fainted in them. (NKJV)

(Psalms 107:9)

For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness. (NKJV)

(Psalms 107:26)

They mount up to the heavens, They go down again to the depths; Their soul melts because of trouble. (NKJV)

(Psalms 109:31)

For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those that condemn his soul. {those…: Heb. the judges of} (KJV)

(Psalms 119:20)

My soul breaks with longing For Your judgments at all times. (NKJV)

(Psalms 119:25)

DALETH. My soul clings to the dust; Revive me according to Your word. (NKJV)

(Psalms 119:129)

PE. Your testimonies are wonderful; Therefore my soul keeps them. (NKJV)

(Psalms 141:8)

But my eyes are upon You, O GOD the Lord; In You I take refuge; Do not leave my soul destitute. (NKJV)

(Psalms 143:12)

In Your mercy cut off my enemies, And destroy all those who afflict my soul; For I am Your servant. (NKJV)

(Proverbs 2:10)

When wisdom enters your heart, And knowledge is pleasant to your soul, (NKJV)

(Proverbs 8:36)

But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; All those who hate me love death.” (NKJV)

(Proverbs 11:25)

The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself. (NKJV)

(Proverbs 13:25)

The righteous eats to the satisfying of his soul, But the stomach of the wicked shall be in want. (NKJV)

(Proverbs 15:32)

He who disdains instruction despises his own soul, But he who heeds rebuke gets understanding. (NKJV)

(Proverbs 16:17)

The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; He who keeps his way preserves his soul. (NKJV)

(Proverbs 19:15)

Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger. (KJV)

(Proverbs 27:7)

A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, But to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. (NKJV)

(Ecclesiastes 2:24)

Nothing is better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labor. This also, I saw, was from the hand of God. (NKJV)

(Ecclesiastes 4:8)

There is one alone, and there is not a second; yea, he hath neither child nor brother: yet is there no end of all his labour; neither is his eye satisfied with riches; neither saith he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is a sore travail. (KJV)

(Song of Solomon 1:7)

Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions? {as one…: or, as one that is veiled} (KJV)

(Song of Solomon 5:6)

I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone: my soul failed when he spake: I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer. (KJV)

(Song of Solomon 6:12)

Before I was even aware, My soul had made me As the chariots of my noble people. (NKJV)

(Isaiah 29:8)

It shall even be as when a hungry man dreams, And look-he eats; But he awakes, and his soul is still empty; Or as when a thirsty man dreams, And look-he drinks; But he awakes, and indeed he is faint, And his soul still craves: So the multitude of all the nations shall be, Who fight against Mount Zion.” (NKJV)

(Jeremiah 5:9)

Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? (KJV)

(Jeremiah 13:17)

But if you will not hear it, My soul will weep in secret for your pride; My eyes will weep bitterly And run down with tears, Because the LORD’S flock has been taken captive. (NKJV)

(Jeremiah 31:25)

“For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.” (NKJV)

(Jeremiah 32:41)

‘Yes, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul.‘ (NKJV)

(Lamentations 1:16)

For these things I weep; mine eye, mine eye runneth down with water, because the comforter that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed. {relieve: Heb. bring back} (KJV)

(Lamentations 3:24)

“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!” (NKJV)

(Lamentations 3:58)

O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. (NKJV)

(Ezekiel 4:14)

Then said I, Ah Lord GOD! behold, my soul hath not been polluted: for from my youth up even till now have I not eaten of that which dieth of itself, or is torn in pieces; neither came there abominable flesh into my mouth. (KJV)

(Ezekiel 24:21)

‘Speak to the house of Israel, “Thus says the Lord GOD: ‘Behold, I will profane My sanctuary, your arrogant boast, the desire of your eyes, the delight of your soul; and your sons and daughters whom you left behind shall fall by the sword. (NKJV)

(Mark 8:36)

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? (NKJV)

(Acts 2:43)

Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. (NKJV)

(Hebrews 6:19)

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil, (NKJV)

(3 John 1:2)

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (NKJV)