Worry, Fear, Distrust, Care

There is a quote from a very godly man named A.B. Simpson that says “Worry, fear, distrust, care – all are poisonous! Joy is balm and healing, and if you will but rejoice, God will give power.” I believe that we focus to much of our time on the wrong things, such as worry, fear, distrust and caring about things that we cannot control. By doing this we use up so much of our time and strength. We need to learn to focus our thoughts on things that are worthy of thinking about, such as rejoicing about what the Lord has done for us and the blessings that He has bestowed upon us.

Worry is a waste of time, fear hinders us from being productive and stepping out in faith, distrust is losing hope in your fellow man, and caring about things can totally zap you of all your strength and your peace. I am not saying that we should not care about things, but we need to keep in perspective what is in our control and what is out of our control.

The reason that these four things are poisonous to us is because they are not healthy to our spirits. Like poison they slowly kill us from within. They take their toll over time and like poison they do their damage. When we worry we bring unnecessary stress into our lives. We usually cannot change any of the circumstances and that is why we worry. When we fear it paralyzes us in one way or another. It will stop us in our tracks! When we distrust people we tend to be very cynical or paranoid. When we care to much about something that we cannot change, it literally will drive us nuts.

Each of these (Worry, fear, distrust, care) have a legitimate place in our lives at certain times, but as we know, if we let them overtake our thoughts then they are dominating our emotions and then it becomes unhealthy for us. God gave us our emotions so that we would be able to be compassionate towards others and so that we can relate to others. But when our emotions rule over us and not the other way around, us ruling our emotions, we get out of balance. This is the exact reason that A.B. Simpson said what he said. He was a preacher and had seen to many people ruled by these four attributes. They were poisoned within and had become unhealthy. It had stolen their joy and now they did not have the strength to rejoice. They were bitter people, not better people. Their thoughts were dominated by one of the four or by all of the four. Worry was running their life or fear was running their life, distrust was making them cynical or paranoid. Those who cared so much about things were just getting ate alive by their concern. It was dominating their thoughts, stealing their peace.

How you battle these four is by turning them over to the Lord, asking Him to take away your worries, take away your fears, putting it upon your soul to trust others, and giving your cares to the Lord. He did not ask us to carry unnecessary burdens. He has told us in His word not to worry, not to fear, to trust in Him, and to give all of our cares to Him. He loves us, He does not worry about us, He does not fear for us, He knows He cannot trust us, but He knows that we can trust in Him, and He does care about us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to learn to rejoice in Him and what He has done in our lives. Focus on His Word (The Holy Bible), to learn more about who He is and what He has done for us and get to know how He views the things that go on in this world. If we would do these things, then we will learn not to do these four things (worry, fear, distrust, care). And if they do cross our paths we will have a healthy perspective of how to deal with them, so that they will not dominate our thoughts and take control of us.

I hope that this article has helped you in some way to understand that these four attributes can be poisonous to our souls and that we need to have a healthy perspective of how to deal with them. Oh yeah, and the power part of the quote, well that comes with the reliance of the LORD and what He has done and He will give you the power from on high when you rejoice in Him!!! I would like to suggest that if you are still struggling with any of the four, to check out the “Subjects” page on this website and to read “Anxiety, Fear, The Mind, The Heart, and The Soul”. All of these different subjects clearly state what the LORD has to say about these things. May God Bless You and Keep You!!!!


According to the Bible there are only two kinds of women in this world. The immoral and the virtuous. Now I have known immoral women that have a lot of the attributes of the virtuous woman yet when it comes to their morals, that is where the waters get muddy. The reason that I have put this article together is because of the lack of morals that I see in our society today and the fact that I see so many women throwing away their lives to satisfy the desires of their flesh. Later to find out that they have brought shame and regret into their lives and now they have to reap what they have sown.

In this article I am going to focus on the attributes of the virtuous woman, what the Word of God (The Holy Bible) says about her. God shows us how the virtuous woman conducts herself in Proverbs 31:10 – 31. On the Subjects page of this website there are two different studies one on the immoral woman and one on the virtuous woman if you want more information about the two different women. I hope you enjoy this article and benefit from it in one way or another. Please let me know in the comments section if it has benefitted you, thank you!!!!

The first thing that it says, is that  a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies and some versions say she is more valuable than rubies. Basically it is saying that she is hard to find and when you do find her that she is very valuable and rare. This is the kind of woman that men really want. The next thing that it says is that her husband can trust her. And since I am a man I will tell you that this is important. Because when a man gives you his heart, he really gives it to you. He would die for you. He will protect you and you will feel secure in your relationship with him. She enriches her husbands life. And any man that is worth being with will recognize this. The next thing that it says is that she brings her husband good, not harm all the days of her life. If you are bringing your man harm then you are not doing what you are supposed to as a woman. She is productive with her time (Taking care of business). She goes out and brings good things into her house. She takes care of her family, she gets up early and plans out her day. She uses her money wisely (Investing for the future). She puts her heart into her work. She is wise in her dealings (Making profits/ Long hours). She isn’t afraid to use her hands to work (Getting in and getting dirty). She is kind to the poor and she helps the needy. She is prepared for the winter and makes sure that her household is also. She takes care of her house and dresses well (Appropriate). She picks a man who takes care of his business (She doesn’t just give herself to anyone). She is always thinking of new ways to benefit the family. She is strong in spirit and has dignity (She respects herself). She is confident, especially about the future, because she does good planning. She chooses her words wisely (No foul language/ Controls her tongue). She gives instruction with kindness (She isn’t harsh). She pays attention to what is going on in her house. She is not lazy. Her children show her respect. They have nothing bad to say about her, because she conducts herself properly.

Now if you do not line up with all of these qualities or are good at doing some of the things that are described in Proverbs 31. It does not mean that you are immoral. What it means is that you need to cry out to God to help you where you are lacking. We all fall short in one way or another and we all need to cry out to God from time to time. He is always available and He is your heavenly Father who loves you for who you are and he knows all that you have been through in your life. He desires to have a close relationship with you and bless your life. No matter what has happened in your past, God can change your future and make you into the woman that you desire to be. He wants the best for your life and He has plans for you.

If you really want to see what a real man is, open your Bible and read about Jesus. He is the perfect example of what a man should be, but do not expect any man on this earth to be able to be as good as Jesus. A godly man who takes care of his business and treats you like a lady is almost as hard to find as a virtuous woman. But they are out there. Do not settle for a man who does not treat you the way that you should be treated. For a man will respect you, if you respect yourself. But boys will use a girl who does not respect herself. There is a big difference between girls and women and boys and men. Maturity has a lot to do with these differences and throughout life there are things that are designed to help us mature, but some people get the lessons and some people do not. I can tell you as a husband and a dad that it is very important to show the women in your life their value, for this world is always lying to the women about who they are, they spend so much time focusing on the outside appearance. The Word of God teaches women who they really are and how to focus on what matters, the woman on the inside. As you have seen through this article, that there wasn’t hardly anything said about the outside appearance other than she dressed nice and conducted herself properly. In our society today, we have lost a lot of what really makes a woman attractive. I hope that you have gotten something out of this article and that it gives you some things to think about. We need more godly women doing the right thing and building up godly children for the next generation. We as a society have really gotten off track and it is time to get back on the right track, so May God Bless You and Keep You and Mold you into a Virtuous Woman that people will praise!!!


Today we are going to talk about suicide. How so many people have either contemplated taking their own lives or either know someone who has done this horrible act. We hear about these situations all of the time and I have personally seen the devastation of the after math way to many times.

Suicide is the ultimate deception from the enemy of our souls. The one who is condemned to eternal damnation and is trying to take as many as possible with him to the grave. When someone commits this terrible act all they are doing is trying to stop the pain that is within. They are typically being tormented in their soul for some reason. I believe the enemy of our souls is feeding whatever is the root cause of the reason that people wants to commit this act. Whether it be regret, guilt, shame, failure of some kind, etc. He probably orchestrated what happened in the first place and now he is trying to steal your very life here on earth. His goal is to kill, steal, and destroy and he is the master of it. The Word of God (The Holy Bible) says that he has been a liar from the beginning and that he is the father of lies. It also describes him as the “deceiver”, the “tempter”, and the “accuser”. Gee, sounds like a really nice guy! Yes, by now you have probably guessed who it is, the “Devil”, Satan, Lucifer, as you can tell he has many names, and they all describe his character perfectly.

Look he is here with an agenda and that is to kill, steal, and destroy and that is exactly what he does when he convinces someone to commit this horrible act. He kills the person, steals everyone’s peace that knew the suicide victim and destroys people souls with all sorts of questions. Why? I wish I could have done something! Why did I not see this coming! How could they have done this? All of these things start running through the heads of everyone who knew the person. The very pain that the suicide victim was feeling was now transferred to everyone who they knew. And the people that loved them the most are the worst victims of this horrific act. They are the most devastated.

I believe that if we can learn to control our thoughts that this would probably happen a lot less in our society. People usually get to this ugly place over a long period of time and they have been battling these thoughts for a long time. What has really been happening in a spiritual sense, is that they have been listening to the enemy for too long. They have been convinced that this is better for everyone. So they take their very lives. But in reality they have just transferred their pain to everyone that they loved and loved them. They have literally been deceived!!!

If we can recognize that we have a spiritual enemy that is out to destroy us and our loved ones, then we can come to a logical conclusion that we do not want to give him any kind of a foothold in our lives. Now the Word of God teaches us that the enemy is constantly shooting flaming arrows at our minds. That he is always trying to get us to believe the wrong things and that this battle ensues in the mind. Remember his ultimate goal is to kill, steal, and destroy. He is evil and his intentions are bad. Now if we can recognize that some thoughts are absolutely not ours, that they are these arrows, then we can learn to abort these thoughts instead of meditating on them. I will give you an example of this, when you go to sleep at night and you have a dream, and it is totally bizarre, the kind of dream that you wake up and you are just like, What was that all about? Well, you probably had some of those arrows shot at you. You know that those were not you thoughts and you did not like it and the dream was so horrible that it tormented you, well that was not you. It was your adversary doing what he does, attacking your mind.

Now when you are asleep you cannot control your dreams. The only way that this stops is when you wake up. But when you are awake you do not have to entertain these lies from the enemy. You have an opportunity to release these thoughts and not buy the lie. There was a verse when I first came to Christ that totally helped me with all these different arrows that were being shot at me. This verse is 1 Corinthians 10:5 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Now let’s break down this verse and analyze it. Casting down imaginations (Let’s face it, we need to do exactly what it says to some of the things that come into our minds, cast them down!!!) Get rid of, abort these thoughts, cast them out of your mind. Every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (Obviously the “high things” are talking about the spiritual beings who are behind the scenes trying their best to get you to believe the lies and not to believe God, for it says that they exalt themselves against the knowledge of God) What that means, is that they are trying to act like they are more powerful than God and that they are in control, but they are not!!! God gives us the answer in the very next part of the verse. Bring into captivity every thought (We are to arrest these evil thoughts that war against us, bring them into captivity make sure that they don’t harm us) We are to make sure that our thoughts line up with Scripture and that we are doing what Christ has told us to do so that we will be in obedience to Christ. Jesus died for our sins so that we could live more abundantly. So we could actually get as much out of this life as possible and be a blessing to others. God loves you and He loves you so much that He sent his one and only Son to die in your place. He does not require your blood as an offering, to get right with him, as a matter of fact, your blood will not suffice His requirement. That is why He sent His son to fulfill the requirement of the law. He needed a perfect sacrifice, a sinless man to bring mankind back into right standing with God Almighty. Now that this has been done, all we have to do is receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and we are right with our God. Of course we have to repent of our sins also, which means, quit doing what we know is wrong. Turn the other direction from these things and ask God to help you to continue your journey with Him. And look, you are going to continue to sin even after you have become a Christian, but the good news is that God will continue to clean you up, as you let him. You will learn over time to continue to surrender things to God and He will continue to give you the desires of your heart. I used to pray to God all of the time, that He would make my desires His desires, because my desires were not good for me. And I can tell you that He has done that through the years. As you surrender your life to God, He will bless your life and teach you how to fight the good fight!!! He does His part and as He gives you strength you do your part. So don’t lose hope, God has plans for your life and they are plans for good, not evil. So do not let the enemy have anymore, let him know what God has told him long ago, that he is a defeated foe and that he is going to have to go to Hell by himself, that you are not going to let him steal anymore from you and your loved ones. Let him know that you are going to take back your life and that he is not going to have any kind of foothold in your life anymore. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that God will restore to you everything that the evil one has stolen. He will give you hope, restore your peace, give you wisdom, give you knowledge, bind the enemy that wars against your soul, He will give you victory over your enemy and during this spiritual battle always remember that you fight from victory, for when Jesus was crucified on the cross, it was at that very moment that Satan lost the battle and condemned himself. So we do not fight for victory, we fight from victory, we have already won the battle, we are just waiting for Christ to appear and take us home, but until then, He wants us to live good victorious lives, knowing that He loves us and that He is in control!!!! So DO NOT buy the lies and give your life to Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Pour your heart out to him and leave all of your problems at the foot of the cross where they belong, where your sins can be cleansed and your life be made right with Jesus. So He can start restoring to you what the Evil One has stolen.

God Loves YOU and so do we here at J3sus4me Ministries!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE ALWAYS, Chuck Mooneyham (Founder)