William Cameron Townsend (Gospel)

The task of getting the Gospel in an adequate way to every ethnic person is tremedous. There is but one solution. I’m sure that it isn’t man, money, surveys, not talk. They all have their place, but if the basis of all of it isn’t fervent, believing prayer, they are in vain. And prayer should not only be the basis but it should permeate and vitalize the whole work.

William Cameron Townsend (Missionary, 1896 – 1982)

Walt Huntley’s (God’s Hall of Fame)

Your name may not appear down here

In the world’s Hall of Fame,

In fact you may be so unknown

That no one knows your name;

The Oscar’s and the praise of men

May never come your way,

But don’t forget God has rewards

That He’ll hand out someday.

This Hall of Fame is only good

As long as time shall be;

But keep in mind, God’s Hall of Fame

Is for eternity;

To have your name inscribed up there

Is greater more by far

Than all the fame and all the praise

Of every man made-star.

This crowd on earth they soon forget

The heroes of the past,

They’ll cheer like mad until you fall

And that’s how long you last!

Not God, He never does forget,

And in His Hall of Fame,

By just believing on His Son,

Inscribed, you’ll find your name.

I tell you, friend, I wouldn’t trade

My name, however small,

That’s written there beyond the stars

In that celestial Hall,

For all the famous names on earth,

Or glory that they share;

I’d rather be an unknown here,

And have my name up there.

David Livingstone (Pure Motives)

Remember us in your prayers that we grow not weary in well doing. It is hard to work for years with pure motives, and all the time be looked upon by most of those to whom our lives are devoted as having some sinister object in view. Disinterested labor – benevolence – is so out of their line of thought, that many look upon us as having some ulterior object in view; but He who died for us, and Whom we ought to copy, did more for us than we can do for any one else. He endured the contradiction of sinners. We should have grace to follow in His steps.

David Livingstone (Missionary, 1813 – 1873)